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About Us

An idyllic island haven, Taghaghien is set against a dramatic mountain backdrop amid a lush 38,000 sqm of land within the great Lake of Siwa. Access to the Resort is through a scenic 2km road that stretches across the Salt Lake to the main Island. Located 13km from downtown, we offer you a peaceful getaway in this secluded retreat.
Surrounded by turquoise waters, limestone rock formations, green fields, and golden desert sands, you are guaranteed breathtaking 360 degree views within these stunning surroundings.
In the center of the island lies a ravishing 4m deep Roman Cold Spring, as well as lush green fields and fruitful palm trees. 
The Island features 30 rustic style bungalows, a café/restaurant, oriental outlets, and a lavish reception featuring a western style bar for hosting group events and live entertainment and kayaking and Boat Trip.
The reception also provides an elevated spacious rooftop that overlooks the entire island and its surroundings. 
Needless to say, the view from the top is nothing less than picture perfect.
In the pearly Salt Lake surrounding the main Island of Taghaghien are 5 other small islands (Rhodes, Byout, Shosha, Middle Stone, and Alexander Stone) 
You can access these islands by boat to spend the day and watch the blazing, fiery sunset, or camp at night by the fire while gazing at the starry skies

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